Dreaming of revamping your interior decoration?

Are you tired of plain, painted drywall? Beautify your walls!

Our collection of wall coverings will inspire and revitalize your home decor.

More than ever natural textures have carved their place in interior design. Wooden wall coverings bring warmth and distinction to refresh and customize your decor. Looking for a unique and durable wall covering for the family room, the master bedroom, for your business or to enhance the look of your ceilings? Our distinctive collection of products will meet all your decorating criteria.

Your Personal Touch

Our collections provide a wide array of colors, cuts and thicknesses to maximize the warmth and originality of your home decor or your business.

Any distinctive and exclusive ideas you may have, InnoveX Wood will make your plans a reality.

Vintage Collection

You will be inspired by the Vintage Collection which offers a white pine with a natural finish for an antique and rustic effect. This collection allows us to enjoy the warmth and serenity of an aged-wood finish bringing us back to the good-old days. In modern times and with contemporary colors, this collection can be coordinated with any decor.

Prestige Collection

The Prestige Collection is a range of customized-wood components and high-end, solid-wood mouldings with a smooth finish. This collection adds a personalized style and refinement to your projects and is limited only by your imagination.

Click here to see our Prestige realizations

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